We seem to live in really difficult times these days. There’s the war in Ukraine that is killing thousands of people, both aggressors and defenders. There’s the recent earthquake in Turkey in Syria with collapsing buildings and again thousands of casualties. There are the totalitarian regimes in Afghanistan and Iran, there’s the still ongoing conflict in Jemen, hunger in Africa and the almost unbearable challenge for this and all coming generations, combating the consequences of climate change.

I’m incredibly privileged in that regard. I was born as a white citizen in one of the richest countries of the whole world, have loving parents, had the opportunity to go to school and university and even have enough free time to pursue some creative work now. I’m happy, but that doesn’t seem like an achievement, it’s more like an obligation when looking at the world around me.

Personally it’s quite hard for me to feel successful. In my daily life there seems to be no real measurement for progress and success. Since the recent pandemic I’m gravitating to shift more and more of my work to be done from home, I’m more and more working online and enjoy that additional freedom. But it also feels like my life has become more complex and intangible.

Even though I’m privileged that doesn’t mean inflation and rising prices everywhere have no effect on me. They certainly do and impact my daily decisions more than I would like to. Additionally maintaining an online identity and contributing to my different social media outlets also means spending more time in front of a screen. And you all might know how time consuming all these posts, mentions and replies can be. They can be quite fruitful, rewarding and entertaining, yes for sure, but they also consume a lot of time.

I consider myself as an introvert, so this type of work environment I currently have chosen seems to fit my inner needs quite well. At this point in my life it seems to be a good idea to just go forward that path I have already picked and try to make the best out of it.

As for everyone else it’s hard for me to ask for money. But if there’s still enough money left in your pocket after donating for Ukraine, Turkey, Syria and after you have maybe successfully installed your own solar system, I’d be incredibly thankful if you would consider supporting me on Patreon or just tip me on Ko-fi. I’ve made a new section on my website with all the necessary links as well, just hit the Donate button down below. I’m also considering adding more services in the near future and maybe there even will be a shop for prints some day.

As always, if you think there’s something missing here, if you’ve discovered a hot new donation service or know a good website for online printing, just get in touch with me and let me know.

Thank you so much for your support!

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