You might already have seen my posts on Twitter and Mastodon about my new account on is a website for writers to publish their works directly to their audience via mail, so it works mostly like a email newsletter. Even if my audience here is rather small I often feel the need to more directly connect and engage with my readers. So far I don’t really know why people come to my blog and read a bunch of posts. It feels a bit random. With this new account I try to solve this problem and get more in touch with you as readers. As you need to register to be able to read my updates on it’s also a very cosy community over there that might make me feel more free and open to publish deeper insights, cover more niche topics or show even unfinished work. At least that’s what I hope will happen.

Substack A screenshot from the Substack app

But don’t worry, signing up for my new newsletter is super easy, you just need a mail address and you’re ready to go, you do not even worry about passwords, there simply aren’t any. Also I will continue writing here on my website. So some content might be accessible directly via as well as via my new account.

I also considered introducing a paywall for this newsletter but I think my audience is still too small to justify that additional hassle. But certainly you can let me know what you think. Do you think this content here is worth a monthly or yearly fee? What do you expect from getting personalized mails directly to your inbox?

In the end it’s an experiment trying to establish a closer relationship between you as readers, and me.

As always you can follow me on my various social media outlets and get news and updates from there as well. My handle almost everywhere is still @aboutgrau.

Let me know what you think, wherever you want to get in touch with me.

Last but not least here’s the link to aboutpixels, my new email newsletter over at

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